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You're in good hands
with ALAND Care


 Your Building Manager is handpicked by us to tend to all residents of your building. Building issues post settlement can be a fatiguing process with the chain of command stemming between 2-5 people. This is never a problem for our on-site team, as we’re are able to action any rectification works promptly with the residents best interests in mind at all times.


Your Building Manager will go beyond only managing tenants and contractors, and will have a daily checklist to ensure all critical functions of your building are in working order and are well-maintained.


It’s our goal to provide the community of residents living in a building managed by ALAND Care, a safe and clean living environment.

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Image by yann maignan

We maintain a high standard when it comes to building operations. Whilst day-to-day wear and tear is inevitable, it can be avoided with the right preventative maintenance.


The detailed log our managers keep serves as a vital tool in maintaining our buildings structural purpose, environmental sustainability and aesthetics of the architectural design.


We recognise the need to protect and grow the value of your investment by forecasting all building maintenance and management requirements while preparing accordingly to ensure a comfortable environment and security for all investors.


Together with our building management team and your on-site building manager, all your needs will be met in a sustainable and economical way. Our focus is to serve our customers’ their best interest at the forefront of our day to day operations.

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